Pottery Painting kits

These Pottery painting kits are designed for you to have a little bit of the Dixie Dot Experience outside of the studio. We supply you with your chosen pottery and, if required,  the specialist ceramic paint.

Our pottery is also suitable for you to use with Acrylic paints (not available at Dixie Dot). However you will not get the professional finish from the glazing and firing process provided at the studio if you choose to use Acrylic.

If your pottery is painted using our ceramic paint kits it needs to be returned to the Dixie Dot Craft Studio to be glazed and fired - which is the bit that makes it look all shiny and seals your design in!

Please purchase the number of Painting kits you require here and then select your pottery pieces.

Each kit has 7 pots of paint which you can then mix to make further colours. It also comes with 1 brush.

Paint can be mixed with water to give a ‘wash’ finish or painted on the item to give a solid block of colour.

Pots are reusable when you have finished.

Paint is non toxic and washable.

Full instructions are included with this kit.

Please let me reiterate that Pottery items do not contain paint. A separate Paint Kit is required or your own Acrylic paints.