Pottery - Mason Jar Mug

Pottery - Mason Jar Mug

  • £20.00

This pottery is suitable for use with our Pottery Painting kit which you can buy here.

In order for it to be professionally glazed and fired this item needs to be returned to the Dixie Dot Craft studio in Kingsway, Gloucester to be professionally glazed and fired.

If you live some distance from the studio and are unable to return it to us this pottery is also suitable to be used with acrylic paints (not provided)

Items are individually priced.


The Jar Mug is the ideal mug for any thing, any time!

Display these mugs during the spring and summer months for lemonade and iced tea, during the fall months for cider, during the winter months for hot cocoa, and all year round for coffee, tea, milk, and more.

Its simple shape allows for lots of great design ideas and the comfortable handle fits any size hand, big or small!