Pottery Painting kit

Pottery Painting kit

  • £5.00

These paint kits are designed specifically to be used with the pottery that you can purchase here:

The painted pottery needs to be returned to the Dixie Dot Craft Studio to be professionally glazed and fired. {You can book this service after you have finished your painting and need to bring it back. Please do not book the Glazing and Firing service until you are ready to return the items to the studio.}

Each kit has 7 pots of paint which you can then mix to make further colours. It also comes with 1 brush.

Paint can be mixed with water to give a ‘wash’ finish or painted on the item to give a solid block of colour.

Pots are reusable when you have finished.

Paint is non toxic and washable.
Full instructions are included with this kit.

It is estimated that the paint in this kit is enough to paint 2 standard mugs. For larger pieces of pottery more kits may be required. If unsure please contact the studio for our advice.