Doorstep Pottery Collection

Doorstep Pottery Collection

  • £2.50

This is a TEMPORARY service only during the Covid19 restrictions. 

If you have purchased a pottery items and a painting kit and wish us to glaze and fire them for you we are offering to collect it from your doorstep and bring it back to the studio for you. 

You must be within 10 miles of GL2 2GT - if you are further away please email me. 

You must wrap the pottery and put full details of your name, address, telephone number, email address and description on the items (eg Green and blue turtle, black elephant and spotty mug.) If possible print and enclose your order confirmation as it will have your details  - then you can just write the descriptions. 

We aim to collect items on our delivery rounds from the Dixie Dot Shop - published on Facebook. We will email you to confirm this before we arrive. 

* Please keep pottery dry* 

If rain is imminent please make sure your items are well protected!