Our 'Not Valentines' event!

Our 'Not Valentines' event!

  • £5.00


Come along to the Dixie Dot Craft Studio for our 'This is not a Valentine's Event' event on Valentine's Day! 

* Don't care about the nonsensical over commercialised bullsh*t that is Valentine's Day?

* Roll your eye at the 'snugglebums' and 'sweetiepies' that appear for 24 hours and are never called that for the remaining 364 days of the year?

* Single?

* Fancy a night out with your mates?

* Have a partner that doesn't give a crap about it and won't buy you a card even though you want one?

* Need a few hours with your other half somewhere they haven't covered the place in red hearts and doubled the price because they think they can?

Whatever the reason, you'll be loved and appreciated at Dixie Dot! 

How it will work....

-Bring a bottle (optional! Hot & Cold drinks also available)
-Come along to the Dixie Dot Craft Studio at 7pm
-Eat some pizza (included in your booking fee of £5)
while you :
-Choose your item(s)
- Paint it
-Have a natter
-Have a giggle

- Avoid Valentine's Day
-Pay for your item

Then collect it the following week.

Simple as that!

No hearts, no flowers but if you're Tom Hardy I can't guarantee I won't pinch your bum accidentally-on-purpose. Soz.